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Improving the quality of newly built homes through meticulous systematic snagging


Who we are and what we do

Overview Property Inspections (OPI) specialise in high-quality property inspection services in the South West and beyond. As pioneers in the industry, OPI offers a range of solutions related to new build homes, including end-of-warranty inspections, drainage compliance surveys, drone surveys, and virtual video walkthroughs.

At the heart of OPI's mission statement is a commitment to exceed client expectations in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, expertise, innovation, affordability, and trust. 

Our Services

Newly built home surveys

At OPI, we specialise in providing professional snagging inspections for homeowners, ensuring your house is free from any construction defects or issues.

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Drone Surveys

Drone surveys help us identify potential obstacles, drainage patterns, or existing infrastructure issues—enabling architects, engineers, and construction professionals to make informed decisions.

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Private drainage compliance surveys

Owning a property with a septic tank, sewage treatment plant or cesspit isn’t always straightforward. OPI understands the regulations that you need to be aware of.

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Virtual video walkthroughs

Using professional equipment, this service allows customers the opportunity to walk through and experience their new property regardless of where they are in the world.

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Other Services

Measuring rooms for flooring and windows for blinds 

Instructing OPI to measure your windows for blinds and your floor space for flooring comes with several advantages:

Accuracy: OPI has expertise in taking precise measurements. We know the exact techniques and tools to use, ensuring that the measurements are accurate.

Save time and money: OPI’s accurate measurements reduce the chances of ordering incorrect materials and having to return or replace them.

Avoiding mistakes: Mistakes in measurements can lead to ill-fitting blinds or flooring materials, resulting in compromised aesthetic appeal or functionality. 


“Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t notice the porch! Thanks for bringing the finer details to our attention. The Site Manager said the replacement air brick going in when the weather improves because he doesn’t want the mortar to run.”

A. Morrish 

The House Building Triangle

We’ve all heard the cliche: fast, cheap, or good. The theory is that you have to compromise on at least one of these things, which creates a trilemma. Of course, a bad new-build home will compromise on all constraints, overrunning on time and budget, and then delivering a poorly built home.

  •  Scope refers to the deliverables and tasks that must be completed to achieve the new home to be built.
  • Cost is the total amount of money required to complete the new home.
  • Time is how long it takes to complete the new home and the project itself.

Guess what?
QUALITY is linked to all three.

This is the reason new-build homes suffer. The Site Manager's scope changes, usually through unrealistic building targets without sufficient time to complete them... so the QUALITY suffers.

Here at OPI, our commitment to excellence ensures that every interaction with our business is of the highest quality. 

Snagging Issues

Your home has been constructed by many different trades in line with relevant building control requirements. Although every care has been taken to ensure it is handed over with no problems, there can occasionally be some minor issues that only become apparent once the newly built home has become occupied. These are known as snags or snagging issues.

When it comes to snagging inspections in the South West, we confidently assert that our team stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

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