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End Of Warranty Surveys

A builders end of warranty snagging inspection is a thorough assessment of a newly constructed property near the end of the builder's warranty period. It involves identifying and documenting any defects or issues in the construction that need to be addressed by the builder before the warranty expires.

The inspection typically covers both internal and external areas of the property, including the structure, fin- ishes, and fixtures. The aim is to ensure that any problems identified are rectified by the builder to meet the required standards and prevent further issues from arising after the warranty period expires. 


Our end-of-warranty snagging inspection involves a detailed examination of all aspects of the property, from the foundation to the roof, to ensure that every component is up to the expected quality standards. 

Thorough documentation

Our inspectors provide a comprehensive report that includes clear documentation of every defect or issue discovered during the inspection. This report serves as a valuable reference for both the homeowner and the builder to address the problems effectively. 

Prevent future costs

By identifying and addressing construction defects before the warranty expires, homeowners can avoid potential costly repairs that may arise later. Our inspection helps ensure that the builder is responsible for rectifying these issues within the warranty period. 

Peace of mind

Knowing that your newly constructed property has undergone a professional snagging inspection provides homeowners with peace of mind. You can rest assured that your investment is sound and that any construction issues will be resolved by the builder.

Negotiation leverage

Armed with a comprehensive inspection report, homeowners have solid evidence to discuss with the builder. This can be especially useful if negotiations are necessary to ensure that all defects are fixed before the warranty period ends.

Maintain property value

Addressing construction defects promptly helps maintain the value of the property. This is essential for those who plan to sell the property in the future, as a well-maintained property will attract higher resale values in the future. 

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