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Measuring rooms for flooring
and windows for blinds

Instructing OPI to measure your windows for blinds and your floor space for flooring comes with several advantages: 


OPI have expertise in taking precise measurements. We know the exact techniques and tools to use, ensuring that the measurements are accurate. This helps to ensure that the blinds and flooring materials fit perfectly, avoiding any gaps, unevenness, or additional expenses caused by incorrect measurements.

Save time and

Hiring an OPI saves you the time and effort of measuring your own flooring or windows. Accurate measurements reduce the chances of ordering incorrect materials and having to return or replace them, which can be costly and time-consuming.

Avoiding mistakes

Mistakes in measurements can lead to ill-fitting blinds or flooring materials, which may result in a compromised aesthetic appeal or functionality. Having an OPI measure the windows or floor space minimises the risk of such mistakes and ensures a proper fit. 

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