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Drone Surveys

Drones have emerged as a game-changing tool in the property and land survey industry. With their ability to capture high-resolution aerial imagery, drones offer a wealth of advantages over traditional surveying methods. From minimising costs to enhancing efficiency and accuracy, the advantages of employing drones in surveys of houses and land are becoming increasingly indispensable. 

Advantages of drone technology in property and land surveys 


Conducting surveys using traditional methods can be costly, often requiring sophisticated equipment, extensive manpower, and considerable time investment. An OPI drone survey, meanwhile, offers significant cost savings. Thanks to the drone’s compact size and ease of deployment, we can quickly cover large areas, eliminating the need for extensive ground-based surveys and reducing labour costs. 

Time efficiency

The swift data acquisition capability of drones allows us to complete projects in significantly less time compared to traditional methods. Drones can quickly fly over vast and hard to reach areas, capturing high-resolution images or videos from various angles. This eliminates the need for extensive groundwork and drastically reduces the time required for surveys. 

Enhanced safety

Traditional surveys often involve surveyors navigating challenging or dangerous terrains, such as steep slopes, construction sites, or remote locations. This exposes personnel to potential risks and hazards. By utilising drones, we can avoid such safety concerns. Drones equipped with advanced sensor technologies can autonomously manoeuvre through challenging environments, relaying real-time data without putting human operators at risk. 

Comprehensive data analysis

Our drone survey not only allows for accurate planning and design but also facilitates effective decision-making, risk assessments, and resource management. The data-driven insights obtained from drone surveys can help identify potential obstacles, drainage patterns, or existing infrastructure, aiding architects, engineers, and construction professionals to make informed decisions. 

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