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At Overview Property Inspection, we take pride in
offering a range of specialised services designed
to provide you with a comprehensive
understanding of your property investments. 

With a commitment to precision, expertise, and transparency, our services go beyond traditional inspections, ensuring that every aspect of your property is thoroughly evaluated. Whether you're a homeowner, investor, or real estate professional, our tailored services cater to your unique needs, offering insights that help you to make informed decisions with confidence. 

Newly Built
Home Surveys

We understand that your new home represents a significant investment, and our inspections are designed to ensure its quality matches your expectations.

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End of warranty

These meticulous inspections are conducted near the end of the builder's warranty period, allowing us to identify and document any defects or issues that need attention before the warranty expires.

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Measuring rooms
for flooring and
windows for blinds

With our thorough understanding of measurement techniques, we eliminate the guesswork, helping you save time, effort, and money.

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Drone Surveys

Our drone technology offers a revolutionary approach to property and land surveys, providing unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.

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Private drainage
compliance surveys

Our private drainage compliance survey offers a comprehensive assessment of your property's drainage system.

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Property virtual
video walkthrough

Whether you're across the street or overseas, our video walkthroughs offer you an accurate insight into your property's quality, layout, and features.

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